2.120 FAQ-1069 How do I align column numbers on the decimal character?

Last Update: 9/18/2020

For numeric data in the worksheet, you can choose Decimal, Scientific, Engineering or Custom Display.

Using Custom Display, you can exert a high degree of control on the way in which numbers display in the worksheet (as fractions, as degrees-minutes-seconds, as currency, etc.).

For instance, if you had the following worksheet column and you wanted to have numbers align with the decimal character while also using a thousands separator, you can do that using the Custom Display syntax .n?,.

FAQ1069 align numbers on decimal.png
  1. Select the worksheet column, then right-click and choose Properties.
  2. Under Options, set Format = Numeric, Display = Custom and in the Custom Display box, enter the following

This syntax specifies that we should add up to two spaces, as needed, to the end of the number so that all decimal characters are aligned. Further, the trailing comma character (",") specifies use of the thousands separator. Note that this syntax works with regional settings to ensure proper use of decimal and separator characters.

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