5.6 FAQ-343 Is there a comparison table for hot keys from Mac keyboard?

Last Update: 1/4/2019

When you are running Origin on a Mac through Virtualization Software, you might need to note that some of the shortcut keys from Mac keyboard are not the same as those from Windows PC keyboard. So the tables below show comparisons of such hot keys. And for the other hot keys in the List of Accelerator/Shortcut Keys in Origin, they are the same from both PC and Mac keyboards.


Hot Key Menu/Action Context
PC Keyboard Mac Keyboard
Ctrl + F4 Command + W Close the active worksheet/graph/matrix window
Ctrl + F6 fn + Ctrl + F6 Go to Next window Activate the next window.
Alt + 1 fn + Alt + 1 View : Project Explorer Open the Project Explorer component.
Alt + 2 fn + Alt + 2 View : Results Log Open the Results Log component.
Alt + 3 fn + Alt + 3 View : Command Window
Window : Command Window
Open the Command Window component.
Alt + 4 fn + Alt + 4 View : Code Builder Open the Code Builder.
Alt + 5 fn + Alt + 5 View : Quick Help Open the Quick Help component.
Alt + 6 fn + Alt + 6 View : Messages Log Open the Messages Log component.
Alt + 7 fn + Alt + 7 View : Smart Hint Log Open the Smart Hint Log component.
Alt + Shift +3 fn + Shift + Alt + 3 Window : Script Window Open the Script Window component.
F3 fn + F3 PE: Right-click on Folder(Find) Open the Find dialog for the selected folder when active Project Explorer.


Hot Key Menu/Action Context
PC Keyboard Mac Keyboard
F7 fn + F7 Preferences:Theme Organizer Open the Theme Organizer.
F8 fn + F8 Tools:Fitting Function Builder Open the Fitting Function Builder.
F9 fn + F9 Tools:Fitting Function Organizer Open the Fitting Function Organizer.
F10 fn + F10 Tool:X-Function Builder Open the X-Function Builder.
F11 F11(If doesn't work, please change the system hotkey setting.) Help: Learning Center Open the Learning Center.


Hot Key Menu/Action Context
PC Keyboard Mac Keyboard
Ctrl + Alt + B fn + Ctrl + Alt + B Edit : Button Edit Mode Switch to the Button Edit Mode.
Del fn + Del Edit : Clear When an object has been selected.
Alt + Double-click Command + Option + Double-click Right-click on the object and select Programming Control When an object has been selected.


Hot Key Menu/Action Context
PC Keyboard Mac Keyboard
F4 fn + F4 Format:Worksheet Open the Worksheet Properties dialog.


Hot Key Menu/Action Context
PC Keyboard Mac Keyboard
F2 fn + F2 Format:Page Open the Page Properties page of Plot Details dialog for current graph window.
F5 fn + F5 The Refresh button Button Refresh.png Refresh the graph window after redrawn
R + Ctrl + Shift Not Applicable Rotate + Ctrl + Shift When a 3D OpenGL graph is active. Rotate the graph in Z direction.
Ctrl + Double-Click fn + Ctrl + Double-Click Select a single point on a graph.

Zoom and Pan

Hot Key Menu/Action Context
PC Keyboard Mac Keyboard
Button Panning.png+ Z + "Home" Not Applicable View:Whole Page Restore page to 100% view. (91% for Layout page). With graph active and Zoom and Panning Tool button selected on Tools toolbar.

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