5.16 FAQ-355 What is User Files Folder and where are my personal settings stored?

Last Update: 1/3/2019

Each user of a machine, upon running Origin for the first time, will be prompted to specify a path (User Files folder) which will then become the default location for that Origin user. Preferences as well as user custom files such as themes, templates and project files will be saved in this location. The location must have Read & Write privileges for the user.


If you choose a removable drive, then the drive must be available the entire time Origin is in use. If you choose a network drive, network performance will influence Origin performance.

How do I find my User Files Folder?

There are several ways to find your User Files Folder.

  1. Since Origin 2017, choose Help: Open Folder: User Files Folder menu. The folder will open in Windows Explorer.
  2. Choose Preference: Options menu. On System Path tab. User Files folder is listed there.
  3. Choose Window: Script Window menu. Type %Y= and press ENTER. The path will be dumped in Script Window.
  4. From Windows Start menu. Choose All Programs: OriginLab: Origin ##: User Files Folder shortcut is listed there.

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