5.13 FAQ-352 How to manage all options available in dialogs?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

Dialogs from Origin 8.x have many more options and settings than dialogs in older versions such as 7.x. These options may seem overwhelming at first, so here are some ways to manage and take advantage of the available options:

  1. Use default settings.
    This will work in most cases. With a dialog open, select System Default from the Dialog Theme menu to restore default settings.
  2. Use Change Parameters to update results.
    If obtained results are not suitable, do not re-analyze the data. Instead, click the lock icon in the graph or output columns (visible when Recalculate Mode is set to Auto or Manual on at least one column), and select Change Parameters to reopen the dialog. Change settings here to update existing results.
  3. Expand only the branches that are most applicable to you.
    Settings are organized in nodes that can be easily expanded or collapsed. In some dialogs they are organized in multiple tabs. Expand only those nodes, or visit only those tabs, that pertain to settings you want to change.
  4. Save your settings for repeat use.
    Once you have changed settings for your specific needs, you can save them as a theme for repeat use. View this tutorial for details.
  5. Save your workbook with results as an Analysis Template for repeat analysis of similar data. View this tutorial for details.
  6. Use the Batch Processing tool to automate routine analysis of multiple files or datasets. View this tutorial for details.

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Minimum Origin Version Required: 8.0SR6