5.42 FAQ-756 How can I browse and install add-on tools from File Exchange page?

Last Update: 9/10/2019

File Exchange page provides a list of add-on tools which are created and shared by customers. Instead of browsing to our website manually.

In Origin 2018 and newer, you click Add Apps icon in Apps Gallery; select Help: Apps Center menu or press F10 to look up and install Apps from within Origin.

  1. You can view new and updated Apps.
  2. Search Apps by keywords.
  3. One click to download and install App.
  4. Update all installed Apps.

Beginning with Origin 2020, you can search for relevant Apps by clicking Find Apps... on the following menus:

  • Analysis: Fitting
  • Analysis: Peaks and Baseline
  • Statistics

This opens the App Center where you can click the Download and Install icon AC Download Icon.png next to an App to install.

In Origin 2017 and Origin 2016 when Apps were first introduced, please

  1. Choose menu Tools: Apps on File Exchange and further choose an App from the submenu.
  2. The web browser is automatically opened to the selected tool's File Exchange page. Click Download Now button to save the OPX package to your local disk.
  3. Drag-and-drop the downloaded App into Origin workspace. A message dialog pops up saying that the App is successfully installed.

All installed Apps can be found in the Apps Gallery docked at the right edge of Origin workspace. Click to use it. You can right click and Send Feedback or visit the App page for instructions. There is also context menu to hide/uninstall Apps.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0

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