5.20 FAQ-451 Why my Japanese Origin fails to export AI/CGM/DXF file?

Last Update: 1/17/2017

It is rather a bug in the third party DLL Origin calls when exporting AI/CGM/DXF file rather than an Origin problem. The third party DLL turns file path into capital letters. If there are Japanese characters in your EXE folder or User Files Folder (UFF), the path cannot be transformed correctly and thus leads to the export failure. If you see this problem, please try the following solutions:

  1. Check if your EXE folder contains any Japanese characters. If yes, change it to English and then run Origin as Administrator.


  1. Make sure your UFF folder path contains no Japanese character and then start Origin. No need to run it as Administrator in this case.

Note: From Origin 2017, we won't translate UFF folder name even in a Japanese OS.

Keywords:Export, AI, CGM, DXF, Japanese version