5.25 FAQ-509 What should I do if double clicking the embedded graph in Word/PowerPoint fails to open in Origin

Last Update: 8/2/2015

Sometimes one may encounter the situation that double clicking on the embedded Origin graph in Word/PowerPoint failed to open it in Origin. To solve this, right click on Origin program icon and choose Run as administrator to fix registry.

If the above solution cannot fix the problem, please try the following to check if the Run this program as an administrator checkbox is checked by mistake:

  1. Go to Origin program folder, find the Origin.exe file. Right-click on it to select Properties... from the context menu.
  2. In the Properties dialog, go to Compatibility tab. UNCHECK Run this program as an administrator checkbox. Click OK button.
  3. Right-click Origin icon to select Run as Administrator to open launch Origin.
  4. Try to copy and paste the graph to Word again.

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