5.67 FAQ-938 How do I reset registry-based system variables to default values?

Last Update: 11/5/2018

Origin has a type of system variable referred to as an "@" system variable. These read/write variables are built into your Origin software and they exist to give control over certain Origin behaviors by assigning a predefined value to the variable. This assignment can made (1) automatically at startup or (2) it can be made manually at any time during the Origin session.

Origin 2018b introduced a small number of what are termed "persistent" system variables. Their default values are stored internally in Origin and read on startup. If you change the value of a persistent system variable, the modified value of the variable is stored in the Windows Registry at:


Like other "@" system variables, their values can be set or read in the the Command or Script Window but unlike other "@" system variables, their values "persist" across sessions without any further intervention. This FAQ addresses the issue of how to list and manage these persistent system variables.

Begin by opening the Script Window or Command Window (Window menu), then type one of the following and press <Enter>:

To list ALL persistent system variables, including registry-stored variables:

list -svr

To list only registry-stored persistent system variables:

list @

To ''selectively'' delete (modified) values of registry-stored variables:

del @A*

To delete the (modified) values of all registry-stored variables:

del @

For more information, see these topics:

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