5.87 FAQ-1170 Can I pin a window so it always stays on top even when I switch to another folder?

Last Update: 3/30/2023

Yes. Starting from Origin 2023b, a window can be pinned to keep it visible when changing folders.

There are two ways to Pin/Unpin a window:

  1. Folders and Windows Toolbar
    Activate your window and select the Pin Active Window button on the Folders and Windows Toolbar.
  2. FoldersWindowsToolbarPin.png

  3. Window Title Bar Context Menu
    Right-click the window title bar to open the Context menu and select Pin Window.
  4. PinWindowContextMenu.png

Pinned windows will have a Remove Window Pin button.png button located at the top-right side of the window next to the Minimize button. Pinned windows can be unpinned by clicking this button or by using either of the first two methods.

Use the System Variable @PWS=0 to disable persistent pinned windows when changing folders.

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