5.82 FAQ-1127 Opening a file synced to OneDrive triggers error: The file is damaged

Last Update: 2/8/2022

When opening Origin files from a folder synced to a Microsoft OneDrive account, some users report seeing an error message that says that the file is damaged, but that a previous version of the file might still be available. The user is instructed to choose Help: Open Folder: Project Backup to obtain the backup file.

FAQ 1127 File damaged.png

Users have reported the following:

  • After clicking OK to the error message, the file opens normally and appears intact.
  • If the user attempts to save the file, however, Origin defaults to saving in \Backup. This necessitates browsing to the OneDrive folder and saving the file at that location.

This error message is not seen when the user account has full administrative privileges. We are still investigating the details, but users report that switching from their regular user account to an administrator account with elevated permissions, seems to resolve the issue.

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