5.19 FAQ-448 When I export graphs with embedding fonts as PDFs in Remote Desktop, the embedded fonts are missing. What should I do?

Last Update: 1/24/2021

When exporting graphs with embedding fonts as PDFs in Remote Desktop, you may notice the embedded fonts are missing in the exported PDF files.

ExportPDF QH 06.png

This is due to the fact that Origin is set to not allow font embedding with exported PDFs in general when it is accessed via Remote Desktop. You can force the font embedding (which may cause the text to be drawn poorly during PDF export) by setting a system variable: @EMRD=0 by typing "@EMRD=0;" in Command Window or Script Window to run. Below is an example where we used Arial Garamond Pro as embedding font, when set @EMRD=0, in the exported PDF file you can see:

ExportPDF QH 07.png

If it works for you, you can set it to always be on by going to the Preferences menu and select System Variables. In the dialog, enter EMRD in Variable column and set it to 0 in Value column. It will always be on unless you delete it from the Set System Variables Dialog or set it to 2 in the dialog.

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