The (Plot Details) Label Tab

The Label tab at the data set level of the Plot Details dialog is accessible when a column whose Plot Designation is set to Label. It is used to label a Scatter/Line or Column/Bar plot and the data label icon is selected on the left side of the Plot Details dialog. i.e. the data labels are added by this approach.

Labelling Data Points1.png
The Label tab provides controls to edit the format and location of the data labels in a data plot.
Label tab.png

When the source plot is a scatter plot, and a data plot icon is selected in the left panel of the Plot Details dialog box, the other Label tab can be found.



Select a font from this drop-down list. Note that the default selection is controlled with the Default drop-down list on the Text Fonts tab of the Options dialog box.


Select a label text color.

This method of labeling data points (using a designated Label column) limits labels to a single color. If you are coloring data points by incrementing color or assigning color using dataset values, you may want to match label color to data point color. For more information, see this topic.


Type or select a size in this combination box. The size is in units of points.

White Out

Select this check box to display a white background behind each data label value.

Accent Buttons

Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons are provided.
Plot Details Accent Buttons.PNG


The value in the Rotate text box determines the degrees of rotation of the data labels:

  • Positive values rotate the labels counter-clockwise.
  • Negative values rotate the labels clockwise.

Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset

The Horizontal Offset box setting determines the horizontal offset of the data labels.

The Vertical Offset box setting determines the vertical offset of the data labels.

The offset is measured as a percentage of the font height.

To customize the offset of data labels, you can go back to the graph, and drag and drop the data labels.

Attach to

Align the data labels by selecting Bottom X Axis, Left Y Axis, Top X Axis or Right Y Axis from this drop-down list. The label maintains the orientation set in the Rotate text box, but shifts to the specified axis location. Select None to display the data labels at the XY coordinates of their associated points.


You can center, left-justify, or right-justify the data labels relative to their associated data points. For example, select Left to align the left edge of the labels with the XY coordinates of the data point (Hint: You may want to use this setting in conjunction with Horizontal and Vertical Offset -- see below).

Numeric Display Format

See Origin Formats. Supported formats include D (date) and T (time) options as long as the date and time data display in the worksheet as numeric Julian Date values.