The (Plot Details) Label Tab (Sankey/Alluvial/Network)

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Sankey Map
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Show Labels for Nodes(Sankey/Alluvial)

Specify how to show labels for the nodes. Here, two kinds of labels can be shown with nodes:


Select to show category name for the nodes. You can decide how to show them, outside or inside node, fonts, whether wrap the text, and use another column as display name.

If you select show name outside nodes, you can use the Outside Node Position and Offset to control the position of labels.

For a Sankey Map, you are allowed to wrap the name text by specified number of characters with the combo box Wrap Text by Number of Character. The default value for this control is 15.

Total Value

Select to show total value for the nodes. You can decide how to show them, outside or inside node, fonts, numeric format, whether show prefix/suffix.

For an Alluvial diagram, there is not actual values for nodes, then you can select to show Count or/and Percentage value as labels. And you can also decide the Decimal Places for the percentage values.

Outside Node Position

If you selected to show Name or Total Value as labels for Nodes and specified show the labels outside the nodes, you can further specify the position of the labels outside nodes:

  • Half Right Half Left: For nodes to the left of plot center, place labels to the right; for nodes to the right side of plot center, place labels to the left. All labels are within the plot.
  • Half Left Half Right: For nodes to the left of plot center, place labels to the left; for nodes to the right of plot center, place labels to the right. Labels are to the outside of outermost nodes.
  • All Left Except 1st One: All labels are shown at the left side of node except the first plot.
  • All Right Except Last: All labels are shown at the right side of node except the last plot.
  • Left: All labels are shown at left side of the nodes.
  • Right: All labels are shown at right side of the nodes.
  • Top: All labels are shown at top of the nodes.
  • Bottom: All labels are shown at bottom of the nodes.


Show the labels with a offset at their directions.

Name&Value in Same Position

If you select show Name and Total Value both, and with some position(Outside Node or Inside Node), you can use this control to decide how to show them together, Name First or Value First, whether show them in a single line or not, if show a separator between them or not.

Show Labels for Nodes(Network)

Specify how to show labels for nodes in a Network plot. You can customize the format and location of the labels:

  • Change the Font of the labels.
  • Adjust the horizontal and vertical offset.
  • Set the position of the labels, center of the node symbols, or around the node symbols at different orientations(right, left, above or below).

Label Form

By default, if you didn't set Node Column and Node Row in the plotnetwork dialog, Origin will use the node index to label the nodes.

You can select another column in the intermediate worksheet plotnetwork to label the nodes.

Show Labels for Links

Specify whether show labels for the links in a Sankey or network diagram. You can set the position of labels to be the begin, the middle or the end of the link lines.

Furthermore, you can control the font and display format of the labels. With Display control, you can set the Numeric Format, Prefix and Suffix for the labels.

You can also decide wheather show lables for all links: Check Hide if Less than(%) check box and enter a percentage value to hide labels for the links with a weight less than this value.

Show Label for Plot

Specify whether show label for each plot/step in Alluvial diagram.
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Plot Identifier

You can select a existing identifier to label the plots, or you can select <Custom> for the Plot Identifier drop-down list and enter a notation in the next blank box to show what you want to show. Please note, in this blank box, you can select a sample notation from the drop-down list(with the down arrow) or fly-out list(with the right arrow button).

Font and Wrap Text

You are also allowed to set the font for the labels, an offset to position the labels, and whether wrap the label text.

Position and Offset

Specify how to place the label for the plots/steps. Currently, you are allowed to position the lables at bottom of each plot or at top of each plot. You can use the following control Offset to adjust the vertical offest of labels from the plots.