16 Mathematics

Origin includes the abilities to perform basic math operations on data, including interpolation, extrapolation, normalization, integration and differentiation. Simple arithmetic operations such as subtraction and division between datasets are also supported. Also, it is possible to convert spherical coordinate arrays to Cartesian CS.

For data in matrices, the user can apply median filter, average filter, directional filter or a custom filter. The filtering can be used for data pre-processing, which might be required before meaningful analysis is carried out on the data. The inverse of the matrix can be calculated. If the matrix is not full rank, the pseudo inverse matrix can be given. OriginPro even supplies 2D volume integrate and 3D interpolation, which can be performed on matrix data.

Note that this section only covers basic information on Origin mathematic tools. For more information on the tools, please refer to the X-Function Help file (Help: X-Functions).

Topics covered in this section: