The (Plot Details) Offset Tab

This tab is only available when Individual is selected in the Stack tab. It is used to define the Multiplier (scaling factor) and Offset in X and/or Y direction of the data plot.

Offset tab.png

Suppose the coordinates of original data plot are (X, Y). The coordinates (X', Y') of the stacked plot are defined as follow:

X' = Multiplier_X * X + Offset_X
Y' = Multiplier_Y * Y + Offset_Y

  • instead of changing offset in this tab, you can also click on the data plot twice (not double click) to select it, keep the mouse clicked and drag to change the offset. For details, refer to this tutorial.
  • The Multiplier option is useful when the axis scale type is changed and thus the plot range displayed in the graph window changes dramatically, such as changing Y axis from Linear to Log10. For details, refer to this quick help.