The (Plot Details) Pattern List tab

This tab is only available when you select Increment or Indexing for the Fill Pattern in the Pattern tab. The pattern list can be customized to set different patterns for different data points in one dataplot.

Origin 2019 marked a phase-out for the Pattern List tab. To edit a pattern list, go to the Plot Details tab for the element that you want to customize (e.g. for column plots, the Pattern tab).

Pattern List Tab.png

Use custom increment list

This check box is unchecked by default, and in that case, the built-in increment list is used.

Check this check box to customize the pattern increment in the Patterns list.

Pattern List

You can customize, save and reload the Patterns list, and more options are provided in the context menu.

Customize Pattern List

To customize an pattern

For each row in the list, click the triangle button and select a built-in fill pattern.

To rearrange the pattern list

Move, add or delete selected row(s) in the pattern list by the same methods of rearranging the color list.

Save and Load Pattern List

You can right click and choose the context menu to save or load an pattern list, by the same methods you would use when you save and load an increment list.

Copy and Paste Pattern List

To apply a custom color pattern list to other plots, you can right-click on the list and select Copy. Then go to the Pattern List tab of other plots, right-click on the list and select the Paste option.