5.9 FAQ-346 How do I solve Origin display problem in high resolution screen?

Last Update: 4/7/2022

More and more displays are capable of much higher screen resolutions than is typical monitors (up to 227 ppi vs 96 ppi). While Origin is functional at the native resolution, testing has shown that using a resolution of 1920 X 1200, with Medium system text scaling (125%) offers the best user experience when running Origin.

If the display has a higher screen resolution, for example a QHD display with resolution of 3200 X 1800, you may find buttons and text on menu or dialog are extremely small inside Origin. To solve the problem, please try the following solutions.

Starting with Origin 2022b, windows size and position will be adjusted on startup according to screen resolution and DPI, making it easier to share projects between laptop and high-resolution desktop monitors. Functionality is controlled/tuned using system variable @SRWS.

Solution 1

  1. Select View: Toolbars... to open the Customize dialog.
  2. Active the Options tab. Select Use Large Icons and Scale Toolbars for Large System Font Settings check boxes.
Note: The Scale Toolbars for Larger System Font Settings check box may interfere with the functionality of split toolbar buttons (multi-tool buttons that are stacked behind the last-used tool).

If Solution 1 does not work, please try solution 2.

Solution 2

Adjust the computer resolution and DPI scaling as follow:

  • Lower the computer resolution to 1900 X 1200.
  • Raise the DPI setting to have a large icon.
Note: After changing screen resolution and/or system text scaling you should sign out of Windows and sign back in to ensure the new settings take proper effect.

Origin display problem of Apple's MacBook Retina display

Apple's MacBook Retina display can have high resolution and thus would also cause display problem in Origin. Try the above solutions to troubleshot it. The best screen settings for running Origin on MAC is also a resolution of 1920 X 1200, with Medium system text scaling (125%).

Tested configuration:
Hardware: MacBook Pro, 2.0GHz Quad-core Intel i7, 15.4" Retina display (2880 X 1800, 220 ppi).
Software: OS X Version 10.9.5, BootCamp 5.1, Windows 8.1, OriginPro 2015.

For more information on running Origin on a Mac, see this web page.

Note: Recent versions of Parallels and VMware Fusion support running Windows with a Retina Display. Please consult the documentation for your software for more information.

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