3.106 FAQ-643 What is the Apparent Fit?

Last Update: 7/20/2018

An apparent Fit uses the apparent values for fitting, according to the current axis scales. It is useful when you are performing a fit on data in an active graph window and you have changed the plot axis type (e.g. from Linear to Log10). When you select this option, the fitter will first transform your raw data into a new data space as specified by the graph axis type, and then fit the curve of the new data. Otherwise, Origin always fits raw data directly, regardless of the axis type. An apparent fit is equivalent to a direct fit performed on transformed raw worksheet data. For example, select this box to fit exponentially decaying data with a straight line fit when data are plotted on a log scale.

All items in Residual Analysis are available for Apparent Fit. Outliers identification is also supported in Apparent Fit. When choose apparent fit and the data has error values associated with it, Origin uses the larger of the positive/negative errors as weight.

Keywords:Nonlinear Curve Fit, Apparent Fit