3.148 FAQ-894 How to fit 3D XYZ surface with X/Y/Z error?

Last Update: 9/21/2017

If you want to fit 3D XYZ surface with error, you might need do the following steps:

  1. First, you need move your 3D surface function you desired out of the Surface Fitting category to User Defined category in Fitting Function Organizer.
    3D Fitting With Error 01.png
  2. Activate the worksheet with XYZ data, highlight Z data, select the menu Analysis: Fitting: Nonlinear Curve Fit to open NLFit dialog. Select the surface function you just moved out as fitting function.
    3D Fitting With Error 02.png
    For Iteration Algorithm,
    • when you select Levenberg Marquardt, you are only allowed to include Z error bar for fitting in the Data Selection page.
    • 3D Fitting With Error 03.png
    • when you select Orthoginal Distance Regression(Pro), error bars at all directions(X,Y and Z) can be included to do fitting.
      3D Fitting With Error 04.png

    About how to set the weighting methods for the fitting, please refer to this help page

  3. Do other necessary settings for the fitting to finish the 3D fitting.

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