3.113 FAQ-655 What kind of Fit Parameters (Error analysis) can be obtained in linear fit?

Last Update: 7/28/2018

To perform linear fit in Origin, you can get following statistics of fit parameters

  • Value
    Parameters' value.
  • Standard Error
    Standard error of parameters .
  • LCL
    The lower confidence limit.
  • UCL
    The upper confidence limit.
  • Confidence Level for Parameters (%)
    The confidence level for regression.
  • t-Value
    t-test value of parameters.
  • prob>|t|
    p-value of parameters.
  • CI Half-Width
    Half-width of the confidence interval.

To further learn about how to interprete these statistics after fit, please refer to the document:Interpreting Regression Results

Keywords:error analysis, Linear Curve Fit