3.59 FAQ-295 How do I calculate the FWHM?

Last Update: 3/30/2015

There are many ways to output the FWHM.

  • When a graph is active, select Gadgets:Quick Peaks... or Gadgets:Integrate....
  • You can fit your data, choosing the Analysis: Fitting: Single Peak Fit or Analysis: Peaks and Baseline: Multiple Peak Fit menu. When fitting with the Gauss function, the FWHM is output to the report. If your function is Gaussian (note that it is different from Gauss) or Lorentz, the w parameter is the FWHM.
  • You can also select Analysis: Peaks and Baseline: Peak Analyzer.

Keywords:Gauss, Gaussian, Lorentz, Peak, Peak Fit, FWHM