3.3 FAQ-223 How do I set the same bounds to parameters when fitting multiple datasets?

Last Update: 7/14/2018

You can share the fitting parameters of multiple datasets first and set the bounds. And then cancel the parameter sharing so that they can have same bounds.

On the Parameters tab, if you wanted the y0 parameter shared, you can click the Share checkbox (Only available when Multi_Data Fit Mode is Global Fit) for any of the y0 parameters, such as y0 or y0_2. The Parameter list will update to show only y0 with the Share checkbox checked. If you then click on the Bounds tab, you can click the "< or <=" control and change from disable to either < or <= and then double-click the Lower Bounds to type in a value. Repeat steps for Upper Bounds. You can then go back to the Parameters tab and uncheck the Share checkbox. On the Bounds tab, you'll now notice that y0, y0_2, etc. will all have the same lower and upper bounds values.

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