The (Plot Details) Streamline Tab

This tab is only available when you create a Streamline plot. It provides controls to custom the Line, Arrow and Additional Starting Points for the Streamline plot.

Streamline Tab.png



Select the desired line color from this drop-down list.

It can use other Matrix object to control the colormap of the streamline. For information on Color Mapping, see Using a Dataset to Control Plot Color.


Select the desired line connection from this drop-down list.


Type or select the desired line width in this combination box. The line width is measured in points, where 1 point=1/72 inch.


Type or select the desired density of the lines in this combination box.

Segmentation for Each Arrow

Break link by arrow, so each segment only show one arrow.

And when check this checkbox, the Get between Segments(%) opetion is activated.

Gap between Segments (%)

In this combination box, type or select a value to define gap between the segments. The value is percent of segments.


In this panel, you can control the 'Shape, Width, Length and Space(%) of the arrow for the Streamline

Additional Starting Points

X/ Y

Select a column or matrix object or enter values as the X / Y for the additional starting points.

Notes: Enter space separated number or from dataset.