Fit and Rank Multiple Functions (OriginPro Only)

In OriginPro, you can use Rank Models tool to fit and rank multiple functions in a specified category for one dataset, and then reports the best fitting model. Results can be ranked by Akaike (AIC) and Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) scores.

Curve Fitting RankModels 01.png Curve Fitting RankModels 02.png

To do so, click Analysis:Fitting:Rank Models to open the funcRank dialog box. This dialog uses the X-Function funcRank.

FuncRank Dialog Box.png

Dialog Controls

Recalculate Specify the recalculation mode for the analysis. Options are Manual, Auto or None. See:
Recalculating Analysis Results
Input Data Form Select the data form: XY Data or XYZ Data
Input Data Input data range. You can select XY(Y error) or XYZ columns with using the triangle button at the right of edit box.
Functions Selection Select a fitting function category, specify the functions under this category and use these functions.
  • Category
    Select a fitting function category from the drop-down list.
  • Function List
    This shows up then Category is chosen and you can select functions from the list. Use Ctrl key and click for multiple selection.
Max. Number of Iterations Specify the max number of iterations performed when the Fit button is clicked. The default value is 100.
Fitting Results Options Specify additional data to be computed and output. If none is specified, only Status, AIC and BIC will be output.
  • Adj. R-Square
  • Residual Sum of Squares
  • Reduced Chi-Sqr
  • Fitting Outcome String: Detailed fitting report returned by fit procedure.
Report Data Specify where to output the result. See:
Output Results