Fitting Replicate Data

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When fitting replicate data, such as data from one experiment with multiple measurements, and organized by XYY columns in Origin worksheet, you can choose to fit with the concatenate mode (not to be confused with fitting of replicas with peak fitting functions).

Fitting Replicate Data-1.png

This mode concatenates all Y columns and fits them as one curve. The concatenation will firstly append XY pairs from all datasets to form new XY columns and rearrange Y by X in ascending order. Then Origin will fit this concatenated dataset as one curve, the replicate data will not be combined before fitting but treated as individual data points.

Concatenate Fit with Multi Data 01.png

When fitting replicate data in the concatenate mode, you can choose different fitted curve plot types in Settings: Fitted Curves. If you select Mean, SD or Mean, SE plot type, Origin will plot the mean value for each row and use the standard deviation or standard error as error bars.

Fitting Replicate Data-2.png