4.4.3 Join Worksheets by Label

When you have multiple worksheets and want to join them together into a signal worksheet by matching the column label row, you can use the Join Worksheets by Label tool.

to>To open this tool, with a workbook window activated, you can </to>

  • Select Worksheet : Join Worksheets by Label menu;


  • Run wjoinbylabel -d; in Script Window or Command Window.

This tool utilizes the wjoinbylabel X-Function.

Join Worksheets by Label 01.png

Dialog Controls


Specify the Recalculate Mode.

  • None
  • Auto
  • Manual

Input Worksheets

Specify the input worksheets you want to join. See the details about how to select input worksheets with the display box and toolbar.

Matching Label Rows

Specify the matching label row condition to join the worksheets, including Long Name, Units, Comments etc..

Drop Non-matches

Specify whether to drop the columns with non-matched label row.

Drop Multiples

Specify whether to keep the first column with matched label row and drop the others.

Match with All Combinations

Specify whether to show all combinations for columns with matched Label Rows.

Output Worksheet

Specify the output worksheet.