4.4.15 Column List View

From Origin 2019, worksheet supports Column List View. It transposes worksheet columns to a list of rows and shows all the source column label rows (Long Name, Comment, Formula, etc.) as columns.

Col list view 1.png

To switch to column list view and back

  • Select from menu View: Column List View


  • Press CTRL + W

Note: If the worksheet is not 100% size view, pressing CTRL + W will first restore the sheet to 100% size and then switch to the column list view if you press the shortcut keys again. Additionally, because some users have been confused by accidentally pressing CRTL + W and have tried pressing CTRL + Z (Undo) to restore their worksheet, we have added support for toggling the view with CTRL + Z.

In this view mode, you can

  • Focus on the header information.
  • Have more space for headers since data is hidden and only headers show.
  • View and manage more datasets without dragging the horizontal scroll bar, and scroll down through a large number of datasets (now rows) will be much faster.
  • Quickly locate the nth column since column index is shown ahead of column Short Name.
  • Plot and do analysis from row selection. Context menu (Add User Parameters, Set Style, etc.) also works.

Sometimes it may be helpful just to see the form of the data in a particular worksheet column. With List View turned on, of course, you can't see that data. But, if you hover on the left edge of the worksheet, you can see the data size and first 5 rows for the column.

Column list view data preview.png

Applying a Data Filter

You can apply a data filter to a column in column list view, just as you apply a data filter to any other column in the worksheet. When you revert to standard view, only the filtered data will be shown in the sheet.

Column List View Filter.png

Unlike in standard worksheet view, if filtered data are changed in Column List View, the filter icon will not change from green to yellow to indicate that the filter needs to be reapplied. If you DO change the data in Column List View, be sure to click the Reapply data filter button Button Reapply Data Filter.png on the Worksheet Data toolbar.