2.1.11 Search Tool (Start Menu)

Start menu result short.png

In the Origin interface, there is a magnifying-glass icon over an Origin logo at the left-bottom corner. Hover on the icon + logo with your mouse, then click on it or press the F1 button on your keyboard. The search panel will be expanded to let you search all Origin resources in these categories:

  • Project Files
  • Samples (Origin Central)
  • Menu Items (includes Gadgets, shortcut menu)
  • Apps
  • Help (Tutorials, Blogs, FAQs and etc..)
  • Videos
  • X-Functions

For Menu items, Apps and X-Functions listed in the result panel, unavailable ones for current activated windows will show as grey and are not able to be called out. For the listed Apps, the marks ahead of the apps show the situation of the apps: 1) Swoosh for available to download; 2) Down-arrow for already been installed.

Without entering any keyword, only recent files and popular menus are listed in the panel. Click the Settings button beside the Find box to open the Settings dialog to customize the searching mechanism and the results display.

Start menu settings.png

In this dialog, you can:

  • Specify how to handle the multiple terms entered at same time, 1)Use AND: Satisfy them simultaneously or 2)Use OR: Satisfy any one of them.
  • Specify whether perform fuzzy search, that allows misspelled words.
  • Specify whether show the results compactly and show the preview when you hover the mouse on a sample.
  • Specify the categories to been searched. Please note, just as the blue hint described, you can use a single letter to restrict one area to be searched.