12.2 Origins Analysis Dialog Boxes

The interp1 X-Function dialog box is typical of Origin's analysis dialog boxes. Note that at the top of the dialog box, there is a list box used for naming or retrieving a Dialog Theme -- a particular group of dialog box settings. Directly beneath, is a brief Description of what the tool does.

Origins Analysis Dialog Boxes-1.png

The center portion of the analysis dialog box lists the controls specific to a particular tool (though some of the same controls may appear in other dialog boxes). These controls are organized in a tree-like structure, with branching sections marked and controlled by a familiar Origins Analysis Dialog Boxes-2.png or Origins Analysis Dialog Boxes-3.png control.

  • Click on the Origins Analysis Dialog Boxes-2.png control to expand a branch and reveal subordinate controls.
  • Click on the Origins Analysis Dialog Boxes-3.png control to collapse a branch and shrink the dialog box.
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