2.1.5 Curve


Name Brief Example
add_curve_to_graph_layer It adds the curve cuv to the layer grl. Examples
curve_both_in_layer Search the layer where two curves are both plotted. glayerFound can be set to a layer to search first, or it can be let uninitialized Examples
curve_duplicate_active duplicate the active curve in the active graph layer so that analysis routine like derivatives and smoothing can be performed on the copied curve Examples
curve_get_wks_col_names Find Worksheet and Column names from a Curve Examples
curve_in_layer_get_index check if Curve is in a graph layer and return its plot index if true Examples
curve_in_page_get_indices It looks for the curve in the graph page. Examples
curve_update find the input curve layer and plot the result curve Examples
curve_update_in_page It searches for the dataplot containing the given curve. If found, just refreshes the graph page, otherwise it adds the curve to the first layer of the page. Examples
set_curve add to TreeNode the X and Y dataset names of the given curve Examples