4 Origin Developer Kit

Note: Beginning with Origin 2017, Origin C dialogs can be built using HTML and JavaScript. For most users, this will be a better approach than building tools using the older Origin Developer Kit. Building dialogs with the Developer Kit requires the user to create a resource DLL using Visual Studio. This has proven to be a barrier for many, both for development and for distribution. The HTML/JS approach eliminates such complications.


The Developer Kit is a utility that allows users to build complex dialog boxes, floating tools, and wizards for Origin. The kit provides all the necessary resources and files to help create such dialogs and then access them programmatically from Origin C. Dialogs created using the Developer Kit can contain embedded Origin graphs and other third party components. Controls and embedded objects can be placed arbitrarily and organized in multiple tabs, panels, or wizard pages.

Dialog and other associated files created using the Developer Kit can then be packaged for distribution to other Origin users.

The Developer Kit can be used with either Origin or OriginPro. In either case, the software you develop can be used in Origin.

The Developer Kit is included in your Origin/OriginPro installation. No separate download or license is necessary. Samples are available in this zip file.

Note: Starting with version 8.1, the developer kit is installed as part of the Origin installation.

This section covers the following topics: