Name Brief Example
ocmath_ave_multiple_curves Average multiple curves and produce a single averaged curve. Examples
ocmath_ave_multiple_curves_by_length_parameter Average multiple curves with interpolation by length parameter. Examples
ocmath_ave_replica_data_for_multiple_curves This function averages replicate data of multiple curves. curve could be monotonic or not monotonic, after average, X data of result should be assending. number of curve could be 1. Examples
ocmath_check_order_curve Test if data is really parametric in nature by divide curve for multiple segments and check each segment. Examples
ocmath_check_order_multiple_curves Check all curves's X value's monotonic and consistent state. Examples
ocmath_cumulative_curve_length Computes curve's cumulative length. Examples
ocmath_curve_length This function computes curve's length. Examples
ocmath_reducexy_n_groups Reduce XY data by number of groups. Examples

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