2.1.26 Tree


Name Brief Example
cvt_str_to_tag_name Convert a string to a valid tagname. Examples
format_report_table Control report table format. Examples
get_GetN_background_colors Get the GetN color string Examples
get_node_label Get the treenode Label, if not Label will return tagName. Examples
get_numerica_matrix_treenode Get matrix data from the current tree node Examples
get_numerica_vector_treenode Get vector data from the current tree node Examples
GetN_get_left_checkbox Returns the status of left checkbox Examples
GetN_set_auto_checkbox customize the auto checkbox Examples
has_dyna_use_checkbox Returns whether the node has the left checkbox. Examples
is_optional_by_dyna_use_checkbox Returns whether the node is disable by the left checkbox. Examples
is_treenode_optional Returns whether the node is optional. Examples
init_report_tree_common_tables X-Function add Nots and Input Data tables to the report Examples
octree_get_auto_support To get the status of auto checkbox. Examples
octree_set_auto_support Add a checkbox to the right of GetN control. Examples
set_dyna_use_checkbox Sets the node's left checkbox status Examples
tree_add_import_file_info to add import file info to page Examples
tree_add_info Add all Info storage into given treenode Examples
tree_append_children Append tr2 that tagname including the special prefix into tr1 with all children and all attributes Examples
tree_check_attribute_value_exist check if value exist in tree node attribute Examples
tree_check_get_node Get a tree node and check if it is already present by tagName, if not, create it first Examples
tree_check_get_node_by_dataid Get a tree node and check if it is already present, if not, create it first Examples
tree_check_get_node_by_label Get a tree node and check if it is already present by label attribute, if not, create it first Examples
tree_check_replace_auto check the status of auto checkbox to replace the node value Examples
tree_clear_all_value Clear all values from specify TreeNode. Examples
tree_copy_values Copy TreeNode values from source TreeNode to destination TreeNode Examples
tree_copy_values_by_id Walk all nodes, look for nodes with ID, and apply it to destination tree nodes that has same ID Examples
tree_copy_values_to_attributes copy value to attributes from tree to tree by specific attribute value matching Examples
tree_count_items Count number of leaves in the given tree Examples
tree_count_items_by_attribute Count all node number of the given tree by attribute or attribute and value. Examples
tree_filter_by_attrib_find filter tree by attribute finding, this is faster than matching Examples
tree_filter_by_attrib_match filter tree by attribute matching Examples
tree_find_node_by_dataID Finds a tree node given its data id, and optionally its parent data id and repeat id, and granparent data id and repeat id. Examples
tree_get_attributes Walk tree and copy the specified attribute from all the nodes into given string vector. If the specified attribute does not exist for a node, it is considered as empty. Examples
tree_get_binary_storage Get a TreeNode from a binary storage in an Origin object. Examples
tree_get_enum_attribute_value Get a new value of an attribute, which doesn't duplicate any exist one, based on prefix and postfix string. Examples
tree_get_enum_node_name Get a node's tagname. Examples
tree_get_folders_and_pages Generate a tree from the given folder's folders and pages and add to the parent. Examples
tree_get_ini_section Get the tree node that represents a specified ini section. Examples
tree_get_level Get TreeNode level Examples
tree_get_next_enum_tag_name Scan the current tree node for all child notes and find the next child node tag name. The first child is used to get the enumeration prefix. If the first child is not in the form of enumerated node, we return -1. Examples
tree_get_node Get TreeNode by provided Row and search stop level. Find TreeNode from 0 level. Examples
tree_get_node_by_dataid Walk all tree nodes and get the tree node with given data id Examples
tree_get_node_by_id get TreeNode by ID matching Examples
tree_get_node_by_nodeid Walk all tree nodes and get the tree node with special node id Examples
tree_get_node_by_tagname It gets the treenode with given tagname Examples
tree_get_node_names Walk tree and copy all the node name into given string vector Examples
tree_get_project_folders_and_pages Generate a tree from the Project's folders and pages. Examples
tree_get_values Walk tree and copy all the values into given string vector Examples
tree_get_values_with_ids Walk all nodes, if .ID exists, then add the ID and the value to two vectors vnIDs & vsValues Examples
tree_get_values_with_ids_and_labels Get sub node values with IDs and Labels. Examples
tree_GETN_reset_hidden_values walk GETN tree and reset node values if hidden Examples
tree_hide_empty_nodes Walk all tree nides and set all empty ones to be hidden Examples
tree_is_left_checkbox_checked Returns whether the left checkbox of the node is checked. Examples
tree_move_node Move seleted row to the position. Examples
tree_node_changed If bSet is false, then just get the value of Change attribute; if bSet is true and lpcszOldValue is NULL will clear changed; if bSet is true and lpcszOldValue is not NULL will Set Change attribute as old value Examples
tree_node_copy_attribute Copy attribute from TreeNode trSrc to trDest Examples
tree_node_get_int Get int value from a tree node, whether it is valid or not Examples
tree_one_treetable_to_str This function will construct current treeNode to table format string, after this can printf treenode as table in scrip window and note. Examples
tree_put_binary_storage Put a TreeNode into a binary storage in an origin obeject. Examples
tree_read_ini Read an ini file into a tree node. Examples
tree_read_ini_section Read an ini section into a tree node. Examples
tree_read_values_with_ids Read the id-value pair from file Examples
tree_remove_attribute Walk all tree nodes to delete specified attribute Examples
tree_rename_tags Change all subnodes's tagnames in tree Examples
tree_save_values_with_ids Save the id-value pair into file Examples
tree_set_attribute_to_all_nodes set the attributes to all nodes in the given tree Examples
tree_set_attributes set the same value to all tree nodes with specified attribute by matching one another attribute of the given values Examples
tree_set_or_remove_attribute Add or remove an attribute on a treenode. Examples
tree_set_values_by_ids Walk all nodes, look for nodes with matching DataID, and apply value, if have same DataID, will just save the value of the first one DataID . Examples
tree_set_values_by_nodeids Set tree node value by node id Examples
tree_to_str Output contents of tree table to string Examples
tree_update_changes Walk tree and store attribute "OldValue" into all the nodes that has different value then the specified string. The vs array can be obtained by tree_get_values. Examples
tree_write_ini Write a tree node, that represents an ini file, to an ini file. Examples
tree_write_ini_section Write a tree node, that represents an ini section, to an ini file. Examples
update_combo_from_refresh Update combo control. Examples
update_ini_line Update specified lines of ini file. Examples