Utility Objects, Property and Method Syntax

Properties and methods of Origin's utility objects affect the entire Origin session. The utility object syntax is as follows:

objName.Property = value
objName.Property$ = string
  • objName is the name of the object.
  • Method is one of the available objName methods.
  • arguments are specific to the method.
  • Property is a valid property for the objName object.
  • value is a number.
  • string is a text string or string variable.

These utility objects available in Origin:

Break Copy Create Doc Draw Excel Export
Export.Image Fdlog GetPts Ini Integ Limit LR
Macro Menu RT Run Sort Sum Type

and System and all the system subobjects:

System System.Axis System.Circle System.CopyPage
System.Dash System.DataDisplay System.Date System.Dialog
System.Display System.Excel System.FileExt System.Font
System.Graph System.Grid System.Line System.Line4
System.Math System.Notes System.Numeric System.Operations
System.Page System.Path System.Polygon System.Polyline
System.Print System.Project System.Rect System.Script
System.Symbol System.Tick System.Toolbar System.Wks