3.7 Object Reference

Origin Objects

Certain functionality within Origin is programmatically accessible as Objects with Properties and Methods.

Internal and External Objects

There are two basic types of Origin Objects:

  • Internal, which can be further subdivided as …
    • Window Objects: These include Origin Visual Objects; and User Graphic Objects, including UIM Objects
    • Utility Objects: These are system- and session-related objects.
  • External, which exist in external DLLs.

Object Properties and Methods

LabTalk operates on Objects using Properties and Methods.

  • Properties are numeric or string attributes of an object, such as the number of columns in a worksheet or the color of a label. LabTalk property statements set a particular object attribute or return its current value.
  • Methods are things that can be done to or with an object, such as updating its graphic image. LabTalk method statements take arguments and perform operations directly related to the object, or they may return a value.