LabTalk Object Type:


The axis object is a sub-object of the system object. The axis object properties allow you to read and alter axis-related settings which are set in the OPTION.CNF file. These settings can also be accessed in the Options dialog box.


Property Access Description
system.axis.color Read/write,

Axis color. Numbers from the color list or set with the color() function. For example: system.axis.color(blue);

system.axis.oldDialog Read/write,

Use pre-version 5.0 axis dialog boxes. 1 = enable, 0 = disable.

system.axis.width Read/write, numeric

Axis width in points.

system.axis.useUpdateDlg Read/write,

Control the display of the Apply To dialog box that opens when switching the editing axis in the Options dialog box. 1 = display Apply To dialog box, 0 = do not display Apply To dialog box (changes are made automatically when switching axes in the Options dialog box).