LabTalk Object Type:


The print object is a sub-object of the system object. The print object properties allow you to read and alter print-related settings which are set in the OPTION.CNF file. These settings can also be accessed in the Options dialog box.


Property Access Description
system.print.fontBaseline Read/write,

Align the bottom of the letters and symbols in a line of a text label. 1 = enable, 0 = disable.

system.print.keepDevColor Read/write,

Print non-white colors on a gray scale when printing to a black and white printer. 1 = enable, 0 = disable.

system.print.landscape Read/write,

Page orientation for printing worksheets or matrices. 2 = landscape, 1 = portrait. Note: The graph template setting takes precedence over this property setting.

system.print.maxPlotPoints Read/write,

The number of data points displayed in a graph printout when skipPlotPoint = 1.

system.print.printControl Read/write,

Page numbers currently being printed.

system.print.skipPlotPoint Read/write,

Control the number of data points displayed in the printed graph. 1 = enable, 0 = disable. When enabled, Origin prints maxPlotPoints data points in the printout.

system.print.XscaleFactor Read/write,

X scale adjustment for printing. Control this property if your printed graph is not the exact scale set on the Size/Speed tab of the layer's Plot Details dialog box. For example, if you specify a width of 6 inches, and the graph prints 6.0625 inches wide, set system.print.XscaleFactor = 1010 (because (6.0625*1000) / 6 = 1010).

system.print.YscaleFactor Read/write,

Y scale adjustment for printing. See system.print.XscaleFactor.


This script checks the landscape property and types the printer orientation to the Script window.

if (system.print.landscape == 2)
      type "The printer is in Landscape mode.";
      type "The printer is in Portrait mode.";