28.1.1 The Standard Toolbar

Standard toolbar 92.png

The Standard Toolbar buttons provide quick access to opening, saving and printing projects. Click the New Workbook button to create a new workbook. The Recalculate button, on the Standard toolbar, also indicates if an update is needed.

Button New Project.png

Opens a new Origin project. If current project edits are not saved, you are prompted to save your changes.

Button New Folder.png

Opens a new folder.

Button New Workbook.png

Opens a new workbook window based on the default worksheet template.

Button New Excel.png

Opens a new Excel workbook window.

Button New Graph.png

Opens a new graph window based on the default graph template.

Button New Matrix.png

Opens a new matrix window based on the default matrix template.

Button New Function.png

Opens a new function graph window and simultaneously opens the Function tab of the Plot Details dialog box.

Button New 2D Plot.png

Create a 2D function plot.

Button New 2D Parametric Plot.png

Create a 2D Parametric Function Plot.

Button New 3D Plot.png

Create a 3D Function Plot.

Button New 3D Parametric Plot.png

Create a 3D Parametric Function Plot.

Button New Layout.png

Opens a new layout window.

Button New Notes.png

Opens a new notes window.

Button Digitize Image.png

Opens a new digitize image window.

Button New Image.png

Create a new image window ith default template.

Button Open.png

Opens the Open dialog box (Generic: OPJ, ORG, OGW, OGG, OGM, TXT, etc.).

Button Open From Cloud.png

Open a cloud file.

Button Open Excel.png

Opens the Open dialog box (Specific: XLS).

Button Save Project.png

Saves the Origin project file.

Button Save Template.png

Saves the active window with the name of the template upon which the window is based.

Button Recalculate Auto.png

Recalculate. Green = no pending operations; Yellow = manual update required/pending operations

Button Auto Update On.png

Pause Auto Update/Recalculation. All operations paused until button is clicked again.

Button Batch Processing.png

Opens the batch processing tool.

Button Import Wizard.png

Opens the Import Wizard.

Button Import Single ASCII.png

Opens the Import ASCII dialog box (TXT, DAT, CSV, *.*).

Button Import Multiple ASCII.png

Opens the Import Multiple ASCII dialog box (TXT, DAT, CSV, *.*).

Button Import Excel.png

Opens the Import Excel dialog box (XLS, XLSX, XLSM).

Button Print.png

Sends the active window to the printer without prompting; the current Page Setup and default printer settings are used.

Button Size Percent.png

Zoom the size of the active window.

Button Slide Show Of Graphs.png

Slideshows graphs.

Button Send Graphs to PowerPoint.png

Opens the dialog that exports graphs to PowerPoint slides.

Button Refresh.png

Refreshes the active window.

Button Duplicate.png

Duplicates the active window.

Button Duplicate with New Data.png

Open Batch Plotting tool to replicate the current graph by replacing data in all the plots with the data from other columns/sheets/books.

Button Custom Routine.png

Calls the [Main] section of the editable LabTalk script file, CUSTOM.OGS. [Main] can be your own analysis/graphing routine.

Button Project Explorer.png

Toggles Project Explorer on and off.

Button Object Manager.png

Toggles the Object Manager on and off.

Button Results Log.png

Toggles the Results Log on and off.

Button Command Window.png

Toggles the Script Window on and off.

Button Code Builder.png

Opens Code Builder, the Origin C Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Button Add New Columns.png

Adds a new column to the end of the active worksheet.

Button Open Video Builder.png

Open Video Builder.