9.1.1 The (Plot Details) Print/Dimensions Tab

Settings on the Print/Dimensions tab control the graph page size and the printing of crop marks for printing graphs across multiple sheets.

Print dimensions tab.png


Enter Width and Height in Units.The default value of the Units is Window(unit), which will be altered according to current locale.(To set locale, click Control Panel\Clock and Region\Region to open the Region dialog, and then click Additional Settings... button to open the Customize Format dialog; in the Numbers tab of this dialog, use the Measurement system combo box to do the setting. ) Specifically, for United States and Great Britain, the default value would be Window(inch); for the rest of the world, the default value is Window(mm)

Note: when you change page dimesions by the Width and Height settings and hit OK button, all objects in the page will be automatically rescaled to fit the window size. A smart hint will show you the current page dimensions, and it will also output to Message Log. This auto-rescale feature is abled for 2D graph only.

Keep Aspect Ratio

Use this box (checked by default) to help you size a graph page to specific dimensions; or to change the page width or height and proportionally resize the graph page in the other dimension. For instance, a journal may request that your images be 2.5 inches wide. Rather than calculating a proportional height, you can simply set your Width dimension at 2.5 and check the Keep Aspect Ratio box.

For information on exporting graphs at a particular size, see FAQ-441 How do I export graphs with exact size and resolution as specified by publishers?

Use printer default dimensions when printing

You can print a graph page that is smaller or larger than the current printer driver's "printable area."

  • A graph page with dimensions that are smaller than those of the printable area will print on one page. The upper-left corner of the graph will be positioned in the upper-left corner of the printable area.


  • A graph page with dimensions that are larger than those of the printer page will print across multiple pages (see the Print Cropmarks check box).

To ensure that the Width and/or Height text box values in the Dimensions group control the size of the printed graph, clear the Width and/or Height check boxes in the Use printer default dimensions when printing group. Otherwise, Origin will adjust the graph page to fit the printer page, independent of the Dimensions group settings.

If the Width of a graph page is set to 20 inches and the Height is set to 8 inches, while the printer page Width is 10 inches and the Height is 8.5 inches, and the Width check box (Use Printer...group) is cleared but the Height check box is selected, Origin will print the graph across two pages (because 20 inches /10 inches = 2).

The controls in this group are also accessible when printing. To access them when printing, select File: Print and then click the Options button. Edit the More Print Options dialog box as desired. Note that when you edit the controls in the plot details dialog box, information in the More Print Options dialog box is updated. Similarly, when you edit the controls in the More Print Options dialog box, the plot details dialog box is updated.

Print Cropmarks

Select this check box to display crop marks at the margins of the printer's printable area.

Keep Aspect Ratio in Full Screen View

Select this check box if you want the aspect ratio of the graph to be maintained when the graph is viewed in the full screen mode. Otherwise, the aspect ratio may change according to the screen resolution.

Note that this property can be saved in graph themes.