The Friedman ANOVA Dialog Box

Supporting Information

To open the Friedman ANOVA dialog box:

  1. With the worksheet active, click Statistics: Nonparametric Tests: Friedman ANOVA...

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Standard Controls

Results Log Output

Select to output results to the Results Log.


Controls recalculation of analysis results:

  • None
  • Auto
  • Manual

For more information, see: Recalculating Analysis Results

Input Data Form

Indexed Data values are contained in a single column. Two other columns supply the factor and subject (treatment and block) data for each value, indexed by row number.
Raw Data values for each treatment (variable of interest) are in separate columns.


  • Input data range when Input Data Form = Indexed. The input data range must follow the balanced design.
Data Range The column containing the response variable.
Factor Range The column containing the treatment variable (the variable that you are testing). Note that the grouping column will be set as categorical if Text column.
Subject Range The column containing the block variable.
  • Input data range when Input Data Form = Raw. Data are grouped in columns by treatment.

For help with range controls, see: Specifying Your Input Data

Significance Level

Significance Level The alpha (α) level of the test.

Multiple Comparisons

Dunn's Test Select to perform Dunn's Test for post-hoc analysis
Wilcoxon-Nemenyi-McDonald-Thompson Test Select to perform Wilcoxon-Nemenyi-McDonald-Thompson Test for post-hoc analysis
Significant Level The alpha (α) level of the post-hoc test.
Paired Comparison Plot Select to create Paired Comparison Plot basing on result of specified post-hoc test

Output Results

Output Results

Specify the Output result sheet, which includes Descriptive Statistics, Ranks, and Test Statistics.

For help with the range controls, see: Output Results.