Fitting with Themes

Theme Setting

The NLFit Theme Setting dialog allows you to specify what will be saved to the theme. It can be opened as in the image below:

Fitting with Themes1.png
  1. Click on the triangle button to the right of the Dialog Theme control in the upper panel to reveal a menu.
  2. Select Theme Setting from the menu to open the NLFit Theme Setting dialog.
Fitting with Themes2.png

The NLFit Theme Setting dialog contains a series of check boxes. Choose options to be saved with the Theme:

  • Function Selection
Save the Category and Function selections.
  • Parameter Initialization code
Save the code on the Parameter Init page of the Code tab.
  • Auto Parameter Initialization Status
Save Auto Parameter Initialization, if any, in the Parameter Init code.
  • Parameter Values
Save the parameter values on the Parameter tab. This will have no effect if Auto Parameter Initialization saved with your function or Theme.
  • Fixed Status and Fixed Value
Save the Fixed check box settings on the Parameter tab.
  • Share Status
Save the Share check box settings on the Parameter tab. Available only when either of the following conditions is met:
  1. For multi-range input, Global Fit is chosen from the Multi-Data Fit Mode drop-down list.
  2. For single-range input, Number of Replicas is more than 1.
  • Upper and Lower Bounds
Save parameter lower and upper bounds.
  • Enable Linear Constraints Status
Save the state of the Enable Linear Constraints check box, Constraints page of the Code tab.
  • Constraints
Save the general linear constraints for fit parameters.
  • Script after Fitting
Save scripts to execute after fitting completes.
  • Parameter Formats
Save parameter Significant Digits.
  • Other Settings
Save all other dialog box settings.
  • Save X/Row Range
Save the X/row range, Data Selection page of the Settings tab.