18.8.1 The Correlation Dialog Box

Correlation corr1.png
  • Menu Command: Analysis: Signal Processing: Correlation
  • Window Types: Workbook, Graph
  • X-Function Script and GUI Examples: corr1
Dialog Theme See Dialog Themes.

See Recalculating Analysis Results.


Specifies the first input signal. See Specifying Your Input Data.


Specifies the second input signal. If you would like to calculate auto-correlation, this should be the same as the first input signal. See Specifying Your Input Data.

Sampling Interval

Specifies the sampling frequency. The default is <auto>, which corresponds to an automatically-calculated interval.


Specifies the computation options.

Specifies whether to compute a linear correlation or a circular correlation.
  • Linear: This is suitable for signals whose data points outside the input range can be viewed as zeros.
  • Circular: This is best suited for signals that repeat periodically.
Specifies whether the result should be normalized to [0, 1].

Specifies the output. See Output Results.