4.52 FAQ-705 How Do I Copy Data from One Block of Cells to Another?

Last Update: 11/5/2015

LabTalk supports more than one method of programmatically copying data from one block to another (e.g. the copydata X-Function). In terms of speed and flexibility, one of the best involves use of the range -v option switch. Using the -v switch, you can define a single block as a range and assign values to another range defined using -v. Blocks need not have the same "shape" as long as the number of elements is the same (note that the target block must exist before assignment is made).

// Import sample data into a new book
fname$=system.path.program$ + "\Samples\Statistics\abrasion_raw.dat"; 
// Define a block as column A & B, all rows
range -v ra1 = 1[1]:2[end];
// Create a new sheet
// Define a block as one column, using the ra1 block size
range -v ra2 = 1[1:ra1.GetSize()];
// Assign the values in the first block to the second block
ra2 = ra1;
col(1)[L]$ = Combined;

Another advantage of range -v is that you can perform math operations on data while copying to a new block of cells.

range -v rs=[Book2]1!1:3;
range -v rt=[Book1]1!1:3;

rt=rs*10 //multiply elements in rs by 10 and output to rt

Keywords:copy, copydata, range, Set Values, math

Minimum Origin Version Required: 9.1SR0