4.22 FAQ-381 How do I plot arbitrary column as x and y?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

Each column of data has a plot designation associated with it which makes for fast and easy plotting. However, if you do not highlight the columns for plotting, a Plot Setup dialog will open where you can designate which column is X and which is Y, etc. independent of the plot designation in the worksheet.

Origin also has the plotxy X-Function that you can use from script. In the Command Window, opened by selecting Window: Command Window, type plotxy and then press the Space bar and let the auto-complete help you with the different arguments to the function.


// To create a new scatter plot:
plotxy iy:=(col(1), col(2)) plot:=201;

// To create a new layer in the active graph:
plotxy [Book1]Sheet1!(A,C) ogl:=new;

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