2.1.27 User Interface


Name Brief Example
browse_get_path_dialog Prompt the user with a dialog for choosing a folder. Examples
BrowseGetPath Open an FDLog Browse (OpenPath) dialog box. Examples
ColorsBox Open the Colors dialog. Examples
DestroyWindow Destroys the specified window.
get_open_box_by_file_group Show a file open dialog using the specified settings. Examples
get_saveas_box_by_file_group Show a file save as dialog using the specified settings. Examples
GetCursorPos To retrieve the cursor's position, in screen coordinates. The cursor position is always specified in screen coordinates and is not affected by the mapping mode of the window that contains the cursor.
GetDataDisplay Get the state of the Data Display control. Examples
GetDialogBaseUnits This function returns the system's dialog base units, which are the average width and height of characters in the system font.
GetFDLogBox Open an FDLog dialog box having the enumerated type FDLogDialogType. Examples
GetMultiOpenBox Open an FDLog Open dialog box passing the file types to list in an array of strings. Optionally uses a simple Open dialog with multiple selection enabled or a Multi-Open dialog box. Examples
GetNBox Opens a simple dialog to get multiple values from user Examples
GetOpenBox Open an FDLog Open dialog box passing the file types to list in an array of strings. Examples
GetSaveAsBox Open an FDLog SaveAs dialog box passing the file types to list in an array of strings. Examples
InflateRect Increases or decreases the width and height of the specified rectangle. Examples
init_fdlog_with_group_name Initialize the LabTalk.FDlog object, used in conjunction with GetFDLogBox Examples
InputBox Opens a simple input box for entering a number (double) Examples
IntersectRect Calculates the intersection of two source rectangles and places the coordinates of the intersection rectangle into the destination rectangle. Examples
MapDialogRect Get the RECT structure that contains the dialog box coordinates to be converted.
MessageBeep MessageBeep plays a waveform sound. The waveform sound for each sound type is identified by an entry in the registry which can be accessed from the Sounds or Multi-Media applet in the Window's Control Panel. Examples
MessageBox Open a Windows message box. Examples
OffsetRect This function moves the specified rectangle by the specified offsets. Examples
okutil_FileDialog This function is to open save/open dialog according to some optional parameters. Examples
OptionalMessage Display message box. Examples
PrivateReminderMessage Creates a private reminder message dialog. Examples
SetActiveWindow The SetActiveWindow function activates a window.
SetDataDisplay Show or hide, docked or floating the Data Display control. if nValType = DD_SHOW, nVal = TRUE for show, FALSE for hide. if nValType = DD_DOCK, nVal = TRUE for dock, FALSE for floating. Examples
SetDataDisplayText Set the text in the Data Display control. The Data Display is usually used for display Screen Reader coordinates. This function will also show the Data Display control if it is not already shown Examples
SetStatusBarText Set the text in the status bar, or on one of that status bar indicators. Examples
UpdateWindow Updates the client area of the specified window.
warning_msg_box This is overload function, in order to call general warning message box simply Examples