The (Worksheet Properties) Format tab

Control of block- and cell-level text formatting in the worksheet.

Text Control

Apply To

Apply formatting to Standard (whole sheet), Column Labels, Data, Column Header, Row Header, Long Name, Units, Comments or F(x)=. Note that the availability of the options below will be dynamically changed with different selection of Apply To.

Rich Text

Enable rich text formatting (for example, superscript and subscript) for the selected cells. Note that when this check box is selected, the Float and Ellipsis controls will be ignored. But Rich Text and Wrap Text of worksheet cells can be enabled simultaneously, so that you can enter longer text strings into a Rich Text-enabled cell and text will automatically wrap on exiting edit mode (cell resize may be needed to display entire cell contents).

Allow Enter

Allow the use of Enter within a cell. When selected, double-click in the cell, or single-click + F2 allows editing of cell contents. Press Shift + Enter to force text onto the next line.

Wrap Text

If text length exceeds cell width, text is wrapped automatically to fit within the cell. Wrap Text prevents wrapping in the middle of words, which means:

  • With Wrap Text disabled, it is allowed to have word break
  • With Wrap Text enabled, there will be no word break.

You can toggle Wrap Text ON/OFF for column label rows by selecting a row and clicking the Wrap Text button on the label row Mini Toolbar.

UG wrap text toggle label row.png

Permits text in a cell to flow into the cell to the right.

Disable Editing

Disables editing of affected cells. Not available when Apply To is set to Column Header or Row Header.


When text length exceeds cell width and floating and wrapping are disabled, an ellipsis can be displayed to indicate that the complete text is not shown. Without an ellipsis (Ellipsis = None), a number such as "1.2345678E9" may appear as "1.234" in a narrow column, while with ellipsis is set to ... or ###, the overflowed text will be displayed either with ... suffix or repeating # to fill in all cells respectively.

Dynamic Merge

Merge adjacent cells containing the same text. Use the drop-down list to specify which direction to merge: horizontal, vertical, or both.

Show Missing as Blank

This check box is only available when you select Data or Standard for the Apply to drop-down list. By default, a missing value in a cell is displayed as "--". Select this check box to hide the "--" and show cells with missing values as empty.


Available for Long Name, Units, Comments, Parameter label rows.

Available formats: Date, Text & Numeric, or Time.


Specify how to display Format selection.

Custom Display

Available when Display is set to Custom. It allows you to have more options as to how you display your data in the column label row. Refer to this page for details of the supported custom display.


Available only when Format is set to Numeric.

Available options: Default Decimal Digits, Set Decimal Places = or Significant Digits = .

Significant Digits

Available when Digits is set to Significant Digits=.

Decimal Number

Available when Digits is set to Set Decimal Places =.

  • Font: specifies the worksheet font.
  • Font Size: specifies the font size.
  • Color: Choose text color.
  • Fill Color: Choose cell fill color.