4.8.5 The Navigate Worksheets Dialog Box

Use the Navigate Worksheets dialog to manage worksheets in the current workbook. Right-click any sheet tab, and then click Navigate... to open this dialog.

The Navigate Worksheets Dialog Box 01.png

Worksheet table

In the worksheet table, you can

  • Click column headers to sort worksheets.
  • Double-click the worksheet to set active sheet.
  • Rename the worksheet in the Name cell.
  • Enter Comment for the worksheet in the Comments cell.
  • Duplicate worksheet with/without data from the context menu.
  • Tag sheets as exclude for the plotting dialogs.
  • Move, delete and clear the worksheet from the context menu.

You can press Ctrl key to select multiple sheets, and then perform these operations on them simultaneously with the Actions menu or the right-clicking context menu.

Actions Menu and Context Menu

The Navigate Worksheets Dialog Box 02.png

Activate Activate the selected worksheet.
Duplicate Duplicate the selected worksheet with data.
Duplicate without Data Duplicate the selected worksheet without data.
Clear all Data Clear the data in selected worksheet.
Delete Delete current selected worksheet
Move Before/to Behind/to End Move the selected worksheet to specified position.
Set Current Order as Sheet Order Re-order the worksheets according to current order.
Exclude from Plotting dialogs Exclude selected sheets when do plotting with the Plotting dialogs, such as Plot Setup, Layer Contents etc..
Move to New Book Move the selected worksheet to a new workbook.
Duplicate to New Book Duplicate selected worksheet to a new workbook.