6.13 Importing from Origin Project

You can just import some columns from the same worksheet in a Origin Project file(*.OPJ or *.ORG) or Workbook file (*.OGW).

To import specified column(s) from Origin project file.

  1. Select Data: Import from File: Origin Project(OPJ, ORG, OGW)....(if this menu is not shown by default, please select Add/Remove File Types menu to add it). This opens the Excel dialog box.
  2. Select the file, and make sure the Show Options Dialog checkbox is selected. Then click Open button to opens the impOPJ dialog box.
  3. Make necessary adjustments in the impOPJ dialog box, then click the OK button to import the columns into Origin.

The impOPJ dialog box allows more controls:

File Name

The OPJ File Name box lists all the files that have been chosen in the Origin Import dialog. Note that you can click the Browse button to the right to re-select your files.

File Info And Data Selection
  • Workbook
Select a Workbook in the Origin Project file from this drop-down list.
  • Worksheet
Select a Worksheet in the selected workbook from this drop-down list..
  • Columns
Select one or multiple column(s) to import.
Import Options

Import Mode

This setting determines where the imported data are added:

  • Replace Existing Data: Column(s) data will be imported into the specified window. The data that exists in the target window will be cleared.
  • Start New Books: Column(s) data will be imported into a new book.
  • Start New Sheets: Column(s) data will be imported into a new sheet of specified workbook.
  • Start New Columns: Column(s) data will be imported into new column(s) of specified worksheet.


Specify the columns information you need to import with the data.

  • Column Type
  • Long Name
  • Unit
  • Comment
  • Parameters
  • User-Defined Labels
Output Specify the position where the data is imported.