8.8.5 Inserting OLE Objects in Graphs (and Layouts)

Note that to make use of these four Tools toolbar buttons, you must have the supporting application(s) (e.g. MS Word) installed to your PC.

OH insert OLE object graph.png

OriginLab's free LaTeX App supports Insert Equation. Control the default editor associated with Insert Equation, using system variable @IEE.

To add an OLE object to the graph or layout page:

  1. With the graph (or layout) active, click one of the above Insert Object buttons (Tools toolbar). An object will be added and the corresponding application will open so that you can add content to the object.
  2. Choose the type of object to insert.
    • Create New inserts an empty object of the chosen type and activates the associated application.
    • Create from File requires you to browse to and insert the contents of a file as an object, with the option of creating a link to the external file.

If you only create new objects of a single type, you can check the Use Current Selection as Default... checkbox and insert objects without opening the Insert Object dialog. Later, if you need to open this dialog, press Shift while clicking the Insert Object button Button Insert Object.png.