8.6 Adding Text and Drawing Objects

Annotations are a key component of a well-executed graph. Used judiciously, text and drawing objects add impact and clarity by focusing the viewer's attention on the essential elements of your graph. Origin provides a suite of general purpose annotation tools for adding text and drawing objects to graph, workbook and layout windows. These annotations can be simple static objects; or, with the addition of a bit of LabTalk script, they can be dynamic objects that -- when activated by some user-specified event -- perform a calculation, import data or update a graph.

Starting with version 2017, you can insert 2D text and drawing objects, plus tables, images, bubble scales, programmable button objects and OLE objects, into Origin's 3D openGL graphs.

To duplicate graph objects:

Pressing Ctrl+ Shift key, and drag the selected graph objects.

Topics covered in this section: